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Room Divider Specification

Quality made to measure room dividers available at low prices. Here is information and specification for some of the elements that go into making a Made To Measure room dividers.

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Bottom roll framed Sliding Door System Specification

Room Dividers shall be of precision rolled steel framed door panels Be supported by adjustable bottom rollers that travel in a steel or aluminium track and top guides/rollers that travel within a top track.
The steel frame shall consist of stiles (vertical members) and rails (horizontal members).

The stiles and rails shall be joined at each corner by unhanded connectors that snap into position, these are positively fastened, Bottom connectors shall have either ball bearing rollers or solid acetyl plain bearing wheel both with an integral anti jump housing. Top connectors have a solid plastic guide or roller permanently attached to the connector housing, which provides a snug fit with the top track. The plastic guide will adjust to five different positions to ensure an optimum fit. Vertical adjustment is 1/18" (29mm) on the bottom and 1/14" (32mm) on the top.

The top track shall be one piece and of precision rolled steel. The bottom track is also prefinished precision rolled steel and does not exceed 5/16" (8mm) height from the floor this reduces any tripping hazard.

Top track finishes shall match the stile and rail. Bottom track matches all finishes with the exception of woodgrain styles where a white bottom track is used.

Tracks are delivered slightly oversized and are to be cut down to size on site with a junior hacksaw. This is to ensure a tight and neat finish, and for transportation reasons.

The stile, rail, top track and bottom track have a baked enamel paint finish (satin gold, bright gold, Chrome, Satin Chrome, bright white, mat black, arctic silver, architectural brown, or empire almond) or a laminate finish (Pearwood, brass, mahogany, beech, cherry, white ash, pine or oak). The connectors are plated to provide corrosion protection.

Panel thickness: Glass or MFC (3mm to 4mm)
Maximum single door size: (850mm x 2438mm)
Maximum single door weight: (38kgs)
All glass products are be used with safety backed mirror. The backing conforms to BS standards.
BS6 206 Class B


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